Sunday, 17 May 2015

Memories of Motherhood with Bio oil

     We do not remember days, we remember moments. The richness of life lies in memories we remember over the memories we tend to forget. Some moments are really special and will remain cherished forever like those memories of my pregnancy and childbirth.  At the 6th month I had a breach baby, which failed to turn and I was told that only cesarean could be done, and it went on successfully and I delivered a baby boy. Those moments of delivery and those feelings of carrying a baby for 9 months was indeed special. Hope that feeling of mootherhood is special with every mother and remains special throughout their life.

     Being a mother, a home maker and a teacher; every night I had a habit to tell bedtime stories to my son. Let them be the stories of the lesson taught to students at school or stories read from magazines, papers or books, and sometimes of course I tell stories based on moral values to my son and sometimes I tell him those family stories based on the mood of my child.

     There was this habit of my son right from his childhood  days, that,  when I tell him those stories he would run his hand on my tummy, which made him sleep while he was young; and I slowly turn him on bed and when he used to wake up he always wanted me and my tummy.  As days passed and as he grew up to become an adult, I slowly changed the habit of his as I had to make him sleep alone. 

      One day when I was discussing this with my sister who remembered those days of my son playing with my tummy, dating back from my early parenting days, she suddenly jumped up asking "do you still have those stretch marks on your tummy which your son used to feel and play with??”
I replied “yes” and she recommended me to use Bio oil.
I said "I didn't want to forget those memories of childhood and let them remain as every mother gets them after childbirth", but she said "Its not necessary the scars should remain to remember a child birth" and when she visited me a month later she got me a bottle of Bio oil. She asked me to apply Bio oil and all the stretch marks would vanish and her words seemed to be true as these stretch marks vanished like magic.

     The formulation of Bio oil has a safe combination of selected plant extracts which is made to be absorbed to the max at the site of application and help relieve from stretch marks

     "Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember" and so has those memories of motherhood with Bio made me remember my past to live my present

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Forever and Forever

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Shining sun and the waxing and waning of the moon,
Appearing and reappearing again and again, forever and forever

Twinkling stars in the vast silent sky,
watching us all through the night, forever and forever

Changing seasons with autumn leaves and winter showers,
nature's ever refreshing sight, forever and forever

Beauty and duty of the day and the rest at night,
without any body's wish, forever and forever