Sunday, 2 October 2016


We all have a busy day that keeps us occupied. But, do we take care of ourselves at the end of the day ? Do we take the necessary steps for a healthy living ? Do we ensure we do the needful amidst this competitive and challenging life, where there is no chance to fall sick. Our life style, our pace has been the reason most of us have suffer from many heart related ailments, from Blood pressure, to cholesterol, we have all become a victim of this now. When I was diagnosed with Blood pressure a decade earlier, that's when I decided to change my life style, I decided to keep myself more active, eating better and healthier, above all staying happy with life with small steps I take with every work I do.

My routine day starts with small steps, where thoughts of "what to cook" revolves around me as I walk into the kitchen to make my breakfast, snacks and lunch for the whole day that will keep me and my family active. I see that I use saffola life for cooking my chapattis for breakfast and a dish along with it, to be healthy and have a great start to the day.  Being a teacher by profession, I ensure that I have adequate breakfast to keep me active and happy at work, that helps me to motivate my students at school, where many students see me as their role model.

I pack the same healthy snacks and lunch for my husband and son before I walk my way to the bus stop to get the 7:54 am bus on time. 

Once at School, I keep my self active by staying on my heels the whole day, running about in the classroom, teaching, carrying myself, moving towards the children- from watching them and taking lessons, so on.. With the same process going on and it sees me move from class to class, from one floor to the other, from one block to the other of the campus to take my classes. Only by being active, I ensure that I make it to the classes on time. I mostly see to that I use the staircase up and down while moving to the classes. 

While, I'm on a break amidst classes, I eat my healthy snacks, which boosts me to spend time with the next batch of children, who are not just the same. 

While some batch of children need class room activities, projects, some batches need to see me in a position where I am one among them to motivate them and help them understand their lessons better with a good moral. 

Then comes my lunch time, and having a healthy lunch is equally important to keep the afternoon session and the day going till the end of special classes for students appearing in the board exams.

There are moments when kids tend to get on my nerves, yet I ensure that I keep myself cool and calm. Sometimes the pressure is more from the management when the results are reviewed, yet I ensure that I stay calm under the situations and look to focus on my students. The smile I see on the face of the students after my class is what automatically enlightens my soul within and makes me stay happy.

Once the evening session is over, I carry my self in the bus, standing all the way amidst the crowd imagining the thoughts of the same question "What do I cook next - for dinner" till I reach home. Sometime I have to cook what my husband wants, while sometimes what my son wants, but I choose to use the oil of my choice 'Saffola total" that takes care of my family as well.

I personally feel, taking the small step of using the right cooking oil such as Saffola life, for the last few years has seen me stay a lot healthier on daily basis and reduce the risk of heart fatalities. I have seen my blood pressure under control and Its helped me stay active, eat better and be happy throughout the day despite having to face challenges at work and at home.

For ladies like me, I recommend you to keep your self active while active at work or at home, eat healthy food, with enough nutrient content to provide balanced nutrients and stay happy, tension free, this will definitely help you lead a happy and healthy life. Also, chose to prefer Saffolalife oil, that will keep your heart healthier as well.

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