Thursday, 5 May 2016


These specially designed motifs are attached in a pattern for the dress designed. The front neck, the back neck, the sleeves and the side slits together make up a beautiful kameez with these motifs. With over 120 man hours to complete these 60 motifs and 6 hours to attach these motifs on to the dress, this totally handmade design is a special dress to be owned.

Front Neck

Back neck

Sleeves and side slits

Earrings made of the same motifs

I personally call this the dress of the season (Not for summer though :P ) for no where can you find any thing as such where the earrings go along with the dress. In the next few days, I'll be updating some more designs, so stay tuned to "My reflections" for more such posts...


  1. Beautiful motifs and lovely colour on the fabric!!

  2. Hello Aunty,

    It's a work of sheer brilliance!
    Remarkable <3
    A lovely color combination and those intricate designs with such preciseness...too impressive :D
    Cute earrings *_* love those.
    Cheers for you.

    Waiting for more updates :)

  3. This is so elegant. I love that you placed them on royal blue velvet salwar kameez. And, the matching earrings are spectacular.

    It requires a lot of hard work and patience.

  4. The kameej looks so royal. The matching earrings add up to the charm. I loved the beautiful color combination. Waiting to see more of your designs. :)