Friday, 3 October 2014

Treasure of Matrikas

This blog post is a part of Scribble your heart away......., campaign promoted by Matrikas. A leading stationary publication house. Their products range from small notebook to big size diaries, each of which can be customized as per your requirements.

     Matrikas, "Scribble your heart away......." an excellent slogan and the collection of it is a complete solution for office, academy and private use. I happened to be a part of this Scribble your heart away campaign and have received a copy of a notepad, journal and a 6 subject notebook. The review for each of the products are as below.

     The Notepad which I received is so gorgeous and has a wonderful cover to make it look attractive from its very first look. Being a teacher I would search for different pictures based on different subjects which is relevant to almost science, maths, social and languages. It is an effective handy tool for me to pen down my thoughts. The colorful attractive and superior quality pages, makes my work more interesting and to write more and more in my notepad.


     The Journal/Diary which I received is another masterpiece, that is so good and anytime, day and year it could be useful to write my entries as the dates and year are not mentioned. I can write down all my important journal works, with the dates of events occured according to my wish. I need not go by the calender usually mentioned in other diaries.


     The six subject notebook that you have gifted me is another wonderful notebook which I would feel proud to carry it along with me. The outer hardboard which is so attractive with a golden and colorful of Ludo, which shows "Life is a game-  play it". It makes me happy to use this book. The golden color gives its own richness to the book carried, and to use it I would feel immense pleasure to write about my subjects in it, with different color pages separating different subjects, which would make my job easy while referring.

     In my near future I would always opt for Matrikas collection of books to be seen on their book shelf. I chose this brand not only for their attractive look, but for the innovative ideas that they add to their books and the quality they possess. I would also like to gift my talented students, the treasure of Matrikas products to encourage them to write more and to develop their writing skills.

I would finally like to thank Matrikas for this excellent opportunity given to me to review their wonderful products.

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  1. Satsriakal Aunty :)
    You've made a wonderful review and after reading it I so want to have them.
    I wish, you win.
    All the best.