Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tatted neck and sleeve on Blue Kurti

The white lace on this blue kurti had to be made according to the size and shape of the neck ,sleeves and the side slits.This is a set of motifs which were attached carefully one by one to make a lace. The neck shape is made with great care and stitched on the dress to give it the best outlook. Here are some snaps after completing my work

Full length kurti
Neck, sleeve and slits
Left sleeve
Right Sleeve


  1. Beautiful, I wish I can get such a work done on one of my dresses. Great work, Ma'am :)

    1. Thank you Saru. when Id be free, I'll remember to do something for you

  2. Hello Aunty,
    The kurti with laces look so beautiful and stylish. Mom and I loved it. I know it's a work that needs patience. You have done it perfectly. I'm happy to see that despite of so hectic schedule you manage to find some time for your interests. You are an inspiration, Aunty.
    I wish, you keep going :)
    also, I'm eager to read your write ups.

    lots of love and best wishes

    1. Thank you Simran. I'll be posting some more tatting designs soon...