Saturday, 17 January 2015

Things that define me

"To define me are the words and images that are conducive to expansion an leads to success."

First of all I would like to define myself of all the different images a woman carries with her. Firstly born as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and additionally a professional by being a teacher.

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      People in my town know me as a teacher who could teach children in a class in three different languages just to see a smile on the face of each and every student. The school in which I was working first, I had to teach the students basically in English language as it was the medium of instruction. But, noticing that no students understood what was taught as they were children of low economic status, and another set of students of the same class, which saw children of families migrated from the norther states of our country who could understand only Hindi. When I as a teacher, explained the less in Tamizh (Tamil) to the first set of children and in Hindi to the other set of children and then the whole class was made to be read in English, by both set of students. By this I satisfied both categories.

     The parents were so glad to hear a teacher take such pains that they used to meet me and thank me in person that I could educate their children in such manner, which was not done in any school as it is not allowed to teach in vernacular languages.

     At the same time, during the summer vacation, I conducted vocational classes as teaching mehandi and tatting, and taught students of higher classes as to how one can do many things in life. Not only being a house wife, a teacher and a homemaker by making different things for a home. Whereby the students can take up to do anything in future, either earn or learn or both earn and learn.

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