Saturday, 17 January 2015

Laundry - past vs present, Still a woman's job ?

    Laundry the word itself defines to dry the clothes washed, and for ages it has been a woman's job. According to the statistics presented where woman knows and feel the burden. I personally feel it is the problem of the woman who feels that men cannot wash and dry them out correctly and the clothes may fly away and lost.

   The women actually, should give a try and ask the men to do, when they do the laundry- they actually do it better than women as they take time and spread out evenly and dry them correctly as well as fold them neatly.

     Women who face this difficulty, it becomes their duty to train their son's to take up that job as it will be useful to them when they stay away from family during higher studies and when they abroad as they have to do it weather they like it or not. They need not feel the pain then.

     Truly, speaking these days men love their wives and show this by giving them a helping hand. We can even see this among the older couples where the wife demands and commands her husband to help her with the laundry.

     Recently, I showed my husband and my son how my neighbor's husband and their son do this job wonderfully. Now my the male members too have taken up the decision to help me and feel they can relieve me from a duty and make me happy. This brings happiness and comfort for a working woman like me.

     Very beautifully men can be changed and trained but, they should even feel proud in doing this, as we have the feeling of oneness in a family. In future we can see more men taking up responsibilities to do laundry because these days mothers train their sons to cook and to do their laundry, which would help themselves than be depend on anybody else.

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